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Personal Success Mentor - Unleash Your Goddess Within

Personal Success Mentor - Unleash Your Goddess Within

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2020 IS EPIC

Whether you believe in angel numbers or not, you have to admit that 2020 is special. 2020, a leap year, is set to be one extraordinary year.

Now, I don’t mean that in a fluffy fairy-flossy sort of way, or to lead you to believe that everything will be rainbows & gummy bears 24/7. Because 2020 will have things we need to conquer. However, the year 2020 will be one of the most pivotal years so far in this 21st Century! 😍

Did you know that the base vibration energy of the number 2020 is the number 4? - which is set to be the year of dedicated work. The work it takes to mindfully live your values through every aspect of your life. The dedication, commitment, responsibility, and enacting of a life’s plan that engages you in the manifestation of your goals. It is a year of stepping up, leaping in, trusting yourself, and rising to the occasion. 2020 is for those of us who will not settle, and will courageously putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of our heart. There is no hiding this year. This call to action is for everyone.

Becoming serious about the plan for your life, requires you to think on what you devote your time, energy, resources, and heart to. This year is about commitment, resourcefulness, applying yourself to your heartfelt devotions, choosing to be brave & determined to build solid foundations that support the grandest and most powerful version of yourself. The questioning, struggle, grief, falling apart, reclaiming of soul fragments, deepest sorrow, and uprising to all that you know yourself to be in your heart over the last couple of decades has been preparing you for this time.

We recognize the importance of 2020, and we would like to offer you a spot in our exclusive mentoring program so we can realize your full potential together! ❤️😉

I AM HERE 24/7


I am dedicated to helping you achieve your waist training and personal body goals, but also any other goals you desire. I am here to help you expedite your learning, work/business, fitness, and mindfulness-spiritual development objectives.

We will work together to boost your strengths and work on your weaknesses, which in adulthood become more apparent and troublesome. Our aim will not be to have unrealized dreams haunt you but for you to resurrect your dreams in a way that you had not seen, or even believed possible.

Choosing a mentor isn’t easy. Sometimes, we may feel we don’t need one. I have my own mentor to help me bolster my learning and accelerate results. Having a mentor keeps us accountable to our goals and reminds us to take responsibility for actions and our life, and in doing, we awaken and be the creators we innately are. It completely depends on how committed you are, and if you would like to create your reality, or simply live passively in the matrix.

Having someone there you can ask anything in an open and positive environment is priceless. Did you know - an average cup of coffee costed  Americans USD$2.70 in 2019? For less than a cup of coffee, I am your dedicated 24/7 mentor and friend. Let’s do this, and make 2020 epic.


When you sign up, you will gain VIP access to your very own Personal Success Mentor. I am there 24/7 to fast-track your personal growth and success.

Now, as to the mentor-mentee relationship structure, I will connect with you through Facebook messenger. This allows you to send me questions anytime of the day, and I will respond shortly thereafter on weekdays. You can continue with your days just like before, I’ll just be a message away. I will answer any and all questions you have regarding your waist training journey, and we will also cover larger topics (such as life, career goals and other personal goals). My goal is for you to achieve everything you want, and the first step is to develop a positive proactive committed mindset. Settling and living in mediocrity is not an option. We will visualize your goals, and create an effective and efficient plan to achieve them. We will have deadlines, and I will be there with you throughout your journey.

Now, let’s create your reality and become our best versions of ourselves. You in?


Be sure to check out our Personal Success Mentoring Disclaimer & Waiver before commencing your journey with us!

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