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Why I Need This

There's more to our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher than achieving a Tiny Waist.

No, this isn't a yawn fest - but we do recommend grabbing a single origin coffee or some lemon water before continuing - it’s quite a read

We all know that the majority of communication is non-verbal. This includes your posture, your facial expressions, tone and volume of voice, and your hand gestures. The ability to understand and interpret body language can help you to pick up on unspoken issues, problems or negative feelings that other people might have. You can also use it in a positive way to add strength to your verbal messages.

Poor posture, whether it’s from long hours at the office or binge-watching Netflix on the couch, results in the misalignment of the spine, slouching, and a bulging midsection, all without us even realizing.

Given enough time, this will eventually become our ‘normal’ everyday posture, which of course, is far from ideal. Not only does it outwardly communicate a lack of confidence and low self-esteem, but worse still, continuing this habit could subconsciously cause our mind to actually accept low confidence and low self-esteem into our personality.

Ok, so we know that our posture affects communication and how we interact with our world. So what can we do about it and what does that have to do with waist training? Why should we care?

Posture can negatively affect your physical and mental game - unless it’s done right

In today’s society, most jobs are of the 9-5 variety and consist of long hours sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen. Compared to occupations of the past which entailed various forms of manual labor that exerted on the body the physical stresses vital for optimum physical health and well-being, this type of sedentary work requires very little, if any, physical movement.

If you’re a typical office worker, chances are, you’re sitting hunched at your desk. Further still, you’re probably also sitting that way while driving in your car, and eating dinner at home. Here are only some of the ways that posture physically affects you:

  • Neck, shoulder and back pain: Poor office desk ergonomics can cause you to lean forward to see your screen more clearly, increasing pressure on the neck, shoulders and spine, leading to muscle tension and constricted nerves.

  • Decreased circulation: Constricted body parts hinder the body’s ability to freely circulate blood, which is the primary way that nutrients and oxygen are distributed throughout the body.

  • Impaired breathing: Nevermind the fact that most of us are not breathing the proper way (ie, from the belly using the diaphragm), breathing in from the chest requires a vertical, upright position for optimum air intake into the lungs. 

  • Poor digestion: Slouching causes the digestive organs to unnaturally compress, hindering their ability to carry out digestive functions. Over time, this can cause negative impacts on your metabolism and ability to fully absorb nutrients from your food.

  • Spine misalignment: Prolonged poor posture results in gradual distortion of spine curvature, which leads to constricted nerves in the spinal column and can cause joint complications and imbalances in muscle function.

  • Headaches: Muscle tension around the neck, shoulders and upper back is one of the major physical causes of headaches.

To top it all off, all of the above lead to increased storing of fat around the waist.

Studies have also shown that slouching negatively impacts a person’s mental health. Poor posture is consistently associated with depression, stress, anxiety, indifference, boredom, etc. as compared with proper posture, which is more associated with confidence, higher energy levels, and positive mental attitude.

Never underestimate the powers of the mind and its connection to the body, and vice versa. Both are equally important and both rely on each other as well as instruct each other to conduct many functions. Slouching when walking can instantly make you feel depressed, while simply keeping the back and shoulders upright while walking can raise alertness and reduce anxiety.

As explored above, proper posture can make you appear confident, but the opposite is also true - it can actually give you a confidence boost as well. By adhering to a habit of proper posture, you’ll actually start to feel better about yourself because your mind will gradually come to manifest positive mental attitudes.

Waist Training to The Rescue ... Seriously!

Fun fact: waist training has been around since the 1550s - it was started by French/Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II, who decided to ban ‘thick waists’ at court. Women then took to wearing corsets to shrink their waists. Laced tightly around the waist, the corset gradually trained the body to adapt to its shape and achieve an hourglass figure, which was defined as a small waistline proportionate to the hips. Petite women found this process to be easier with their smaller bone structures, but larger women higher levels of body fat struggled more.

Waist training is still widely practiced today for a variety of reasons - smaller waistline, reduced fat due to suppressed appetite, improved posture, and many others. Celebrities and social media influencers also have added to its popularity, encouraging many women (and men) to train their waists as a way of improving their body image, self confidence and overall quality of life. With so many benefits to health and wellbeing as well as the added bonus of improved body aesthetic, it’s easy to see why waist training is still in fashion today.

Our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher is NOT a temporary fix.

The Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher counteracts the negative aspects of our lifestyles by teaching our body correct and healthy form, and we look damn sexy and confident in the process.

Waist cinchers, body shapers, trainers and corset belts are types of gripping belts that are worn around the waist with the purpose of reducing the waistline and molding the body into an hourglass figure. Heard of Kim Kardashian?! :)

In our busy world, where we all strive for perfection in each and every aspect of our lives, whether it’s our inner selves, careers, relationships, our connection to the environment - why should the health of our body be any different? A muffin top is the body’s way of giving us clues to our inner and outer health - in this case it’s telling us that we need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A good workout at the gym requires tenacity, but let's be real, it’s not always possible. Life happens, and sometimes we are just not able to have a good, solid workout. This is where our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher comes to the rescue and has our back - literally. 

Our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher carefully tones and slims your waistline, and effectively balances and corrects your posture into your personal healthy and perfect shape instantly AND for years to come. Add a dollop of regular exercise and a healthy diet - you are a goddess!


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