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In a nutshell:

  • First, it’s important to measure yourself accurately to choose the right size. A proper fit will not restrict your breathing or cause pain, but you will feel some discomfort as your body adapts to the waist cincher. The body should adapt gradually - forcing too small a size may result in medical complications.
  • Now, take a measurement at the narrowest part of your waist - this will be the basis of your goal size and the size of the waist trainer that you will choose. If your waistline is under 38 inches (96.52 cm), we recommend choosing a size that is 4-7 inches (10.16 - 17.78 cm) less than your waistline. If it is over 38 inches, choose a size that is 7-10 inches (10.16 - 25.4 cm) less than your waistline. Take these numbers and and see where they fit in the size chart, between the Length (Stretched) and Length (Not Stretched) measurements. This difference is because fat is softer than bone and muscle tissue, so larger women with higher body fat percentages can choose sizes much smaller in proportion to their waistline than smaller women.
  • For example:
If your measurement is 36 inches,

36 - 4 = 32 (Size XL)
36 - 7 = 29 (Size M)

If your measurement is 42 inches,
42 - 7 = 35 (Size XXL)
42 - 10 = 32 (Size XL)


Size Length (Not Stretched) Length (Stretched)
XS 22 in / 56 cm 24.4 in / 62 cm
S 24.4 in / 62 cm 26.8 in / 68 cm
M 26.8 in / 68 cm 29.1 in / 74 cm
L 29.1 in / 74 cm 31.5 in / 80 cm
XL 31.5 in / 80 cm 33.9 in / 86 cm
XXL 33.9 in / 86 cm 36.2 in / 92 cm
3XL 36.2 in / 92 cm 38.6 in / 98 cm
4XL 38.6 in / 98 cm 41.7 in / 106 cm
5XL 41.7 in / 106 cm 44.1 in / 112 cm
6XL 44.1 in / 112 cm 46.5 in / 118 cm


If you are comfortable with waist training, want to accelerate the results and/or intend to wear the Cincher Pincher for shorter periods of time, we recommend wearing the smaller size. If you are new to waist training, we recommend the larger size and over time, work your way down in size as your body adjusts and sculpts into your hourglass shape. Remember, your waist trainer should feel snug (and some prefer it to be tight), but never uncomfortable.

Many of our customers buy multiple sizes so they wear a larger one daily for longer hours (eg. while at work), another size while working out, and a smaller one for shorter periods of time to accelerate the results. However, it very much depends on how long during the day you intend to wear it, your waist training goals, and for which activities you will wear your waist trainer (e.g. inner wear only, exercises, outerwear). 


Q. Where is the size chart?

A. Click on a product's Size Chart Icon (located below the color selector - see image below) and a window will pop up with the Size Chart for that product. If you need assistance with sizing, just send us an email and we'll recommend a size for you.




Q: How do I start, and what should be my Tiny Waist training plan?

A: You’ll want to start out wearing your new Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher for only about 15 minutes, once a day, the first time you put it on. Once you get a feel for your Tiny Waist and get used to wearing it, you can gradually increase the length of time you wear every day to about 30 minutes to 1 hour (as long as it is still comfortable for you).

Once you start wearing your Tiny Waist for longer periods, you may prefer and find it helpful to graduate to two sessions per day, and experiment with longer periods (i.e. 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon). 

As with any exercise, we recommend you take a “rest” day from your Tiny Waist training from time to time. But, don’t stop for longer than 1 day so you don’t lose all that momentum you’ve worked hard to build up! 

Q: How tight should my Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher be?

A: Your Cincher Pincher should feel snug (and some prefer it to be tight), but it should not be uncomfortable. 

It is important to make sure that your Cincher Pincher fits correctly (i.e. it should slim your waistline instantly and create a flattering look for your figure.) Although, it should be snug and might be a challenge to put it on for the first time (especially if you’ve never practiced waist training before), it shouldn’t be a huge ordeal!

Many of our Tiny Waist family members typically achieve a 1-3 inch drop in their waist size while wearing the Cincher Pincher.

Q: Can I wear my Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher during exercise?

A: While you can wear your Cincher Pincher while working out, we don't recommend wearing it while performing movements that require bending at the waist (sit-ups, crunches, etc.) as this will restrict your range of movement and may damage your Cincher Pincher’s supports. But for workouts where your body consistently stays in an upright position (walking, running, etc.), wearing your Cincher Pincher will be fine and you should be able to do these activities with ease. The Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher is made of smart mesh breathable fabric which effectively absorbs sweat and releases excess heat and toxins, while efficiently wicks any excessive moisture and heat. The smart technical fabric "breathes" with you, delivers increased oxygen to your skin for enhanced absorption.

Many Tiny Waist family members like wearing their Cincher Picher whenever they work out. They provided feedback that it not only helped them sweat harder during their workouts, but they also love how they look when wearing their Cincher Pincher as part of their gym outfits!

Q: Can I wear my Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher all day?

A: As a starting point we recommend to first wear your Cincher Pincher for 15 minutes the first day, then 30 minutes the following day, and gradually increase the length of time as long as it is still comfortable for you. If it gets too uncomfortable, either reduce the time or adjust the hooks to fit more loosely. Otherwise you can keep increasing the time until you can wear it for a few hours at a time. Some of our customers wear it during their whole work day (8-10 hours). Our Tiny Waist family who wear their Cincher Pincher daily for 8+ hours have reported achieving the instant results of a slimmer waistline and flat tummy all day long.

Q: Can I wear my Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher while sleeping?

A: No, we do not recommend wearing your Tiny Waist while sleeping so your body can recover/adjust to your waist training. 

Q. Can I wear my Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher after pregnancy (waist train my postpartum body)?

A. YES! Waist trainers and belly wraps often claim that they can help relieve water retention and shrink the uterus faster, although this is in no way medically proven. Others choose to wear it for aesthetics and health benefits. The compression provided by our Cincher Pincher can play an important role in adding support to the pelvis, hips, and thighs immediately postpartum—as well as assisting with with lymphatic flow, and the physical and emotional effects of supporting this traumatized area of the body and helping in the healing process.

However, please note that any women who is showing signs of infection, especially in a C-section wound, or has other pregnancy or delivery complications like preeclampsia or anmionitis should first get approval and the all-clear for waist training and belly binding from their doctor.

These are some comments from our postpartum Tiny Waist family:

“For me it just felt like a huge hug where I felt nice and tight and the minute I took it off everything felt like jello, as I continued to wear it, I felt like it helped my body come back together faster. I recommend it to every pregnant woman I know.” (Annabelle R., January 15, 2020)

“I chose to use a corset after my second baby out of vanity, hoping it would make my waist return to normal more quickly. I found out I would need a C-section and my doctor recommended I use one to help with recovery, I also quickly realized all the health benefits as well. Wearing the binder really helped me feel like a person again. I was so jiggly and my stomach muscles were so pulverized, that I really appreciated the extra support I got from it, especially because I also have several slipped discs in my back. It helped protect my incision, decrease bloating, and even helped with postpartum cramping. Compared to my first baby, the wrap helped me get back on my feet much faster, making it easier to do everyday things like carrying her baby, putting the car seat in and out of the car, and lifting groceries!” (Brigette W., April 28, 2019)

“When I went in for my six-week postpartum checkup, rather than being disapproving, as I had feared, my doctor was delighted I’d done it. My diastasis recti, the separation between my abdominal muscles in the front, was almost completely healed — something that had never happened this quickly or completely with my other babies. My doc explained the girdle had acted as a splint, allowing my muscles to neatly knit back together by taking the pressure off them to hold up my core. Not every woman gets a diastasis during pregnancy but for those of us who do, recovery can be a long and painful process. Often surgery is the only treatment for severe cases, so the fact that I could help it at all with a simple piece of elastic was awesome. And from my personal experience, it’s only as painful as you want it to be — if you’re having fainting spells, then wear a looser model or take it off.” (Lily Y., February 17, 2019)

Q: How long after giving birth can I wear my Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher?

A: Our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher is OK to use straight after having your baby, as soon as you feel comfortable. The fabric we use is breathable, flexible, and not too compressive or restrictive (as you can use the hooks to adjust its compression). It offers support to your core area and can be used as soon as you feel comfortable. You can also wear your Cincher Pincher if you have had a C-section. If you are unsure for any reason, it is be best to check with and get the all-clear from your doctor, as each individual pregnancy journey is different and unique.

Q. Does the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher help me with my posture and back pain?

A: YES! While wearing your Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher, your clothes can fit better, you'll have better posture, reduced back pain, and even experience a boost in confidence and positive perception about your body! Your Cincher Pincher helps to deeply strengthen your core and transverse abdominis muscles (similar to a stomach vacuum or plank exercises), which is vital for improving your posture and reducing back pain.

Q: When am I ready to get the next size down?

A: You can purchase your next size down of your Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher when you are able to wear your current size at the tightest hook level without any discomfort or have reached a plateau in your waist training results. 

However, waist training with our Cincher Pincher is similar to exercising with resistance bands in that you can adjust the size of the Cincher Pincher depending on your activities, comfort levels, waist training goals and how you are feeling that day, in the same way that you would use the thicker resistance bands when your strength improves or want a tougher workout. 

Therefore, many of our customers buy multiple sizes so they can wear a larger one for longer hours (e.g. while at work), another size while working out, and a smaller one for shorter, more intense waist training sessions to accelerate the results. However, it very much depends on how long you intend to wear it for, your waist training goals, and for which activities you will wear your waist trainer (e.g. inner/outerwear only, workouts, etc.).


Q. How often would I need to wear this to see results?

A. The longer you wear the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher the more dramatic the results, and the faster you will see the results. Please note that as with exercise, you need to start slowly until you break into the waist cincher. We recommend at least 2 hours per day for a week initially, then you can gradually progress to 8 hours per day after your body adapts. Please see below testimonials from our customers!

“To be honest at first, I did not think it would work. I wear it whenever I am in my home and I have gotten visible results. I would use it as often as possible. I will be ordering a smaller one this weekend, because of the inches that I have lost.” (Brit F., April 5, 2019)

“The more often you wear it the better your results. With diet and exercise it took about 4 months to lose 2 inches for me.” (Mia C., June 26, 2019)

Q. How long before you advance to the next hook (sizing)?

A. Customers have noticed the hooking to be easier in around 2 weeks. It is then recommended to “level up” and advance to the next level hook sizing.

Q. How noticeable is it under clothes?

A. It is usually not noticeable. However, it may be noticeable under very tight fitting shirts/dresses. Some of our customers choose to wear the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher outside clothes as a stylistic piece, especially when going to the gym.



Q. Does the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher waist trainer make your waist smaller permanently?

A. We believe only proper diet and nutrition will permanently change your shape. However, our waist cincher is designed to increase blood flow and sweat in the abdomen. It is similar to the effects when you exercise. For example, as you do cardio you increase your blood flow and also expel water weight in the form of sweat. All these reactions help maintain a healthy weight, body shape and posture – and in turn lead to you having a smaller waist. Please note that the results are not permanent per se, and require maintenance and upkeep of good balanced healthy lifestyle.

Please see the testimonials on this topic from our customers below:

“I have been wearing my five days a week for at least 8 hours a day and see results. I have been working out here and there. But I haven't changed up my eating habits too much. However, I have noticed results in my waist and am FINALLY getting that "curve" in my waist. I absolutely LOVE this waist trainer and the quality of it. I am happy with this purchase.” (Alice F., January 12, 2017)

“I’ve lost 8 inches around my waist from clean eating and wearing the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher.” (Derique L M., March 23, 2018)

“Yes, along with proper diet and regular (at least 1 hr. 3 to 4 times a week) exercise.” (Beck C., November 21, 2015)

“I wear mines to work ( I have 2) five days a week and i have a desk cycle so I pedal during the day also. I can honestly say I see results!. I also work out 3-4 times a week and watch my diet, except for drinking wine responsibly.” (Nikki B., January 17, 2018)

“I don't think so. I have one and honestly I am not even sure if it's changing anything. I think the material is just stretching out which is why I am able to clasp it smaller. The positive, is that it is great as tummy control. Looks fabulous under dresses with the right material. Some items you can see it underneath though, so you have to be careful. I would say overall it's okay.” (Derik K., September 2, 2016)


Q. Is it important to get a breathable waist trainer for the summer? I have to get a size smaller but am worried about it being too hot to wear all summer.

A. A breathable waist cincher is more comfortable than a non-breathable one, especially during the summer days. Our waist cincher is made from breathable mesh broadcloth fabric allowing excessive heat to be emitted and absorbs sweat. The waist cincher is designed to make you sweat in the abdomen area, so if you are not very tolerant of heat and humidity during the summer, it is recommended to wear it for fewer hours. As always, remember to keep hydrated, especially during the summer.

Q. Is this for a short or long torso?

A. It is best recommended for a regular to long torso.

Q. Will this crush your inside? I’m scared.

A. There is no reason to be scared! Our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher is designed to safely and effectively help you reduce your waist size, improve posture and provide a whole range of benefits as we discuss on our site. As recommended, you should get a size that you are comfortable wearing but is tight enough so the waist cincher can get to working on shrinking your waist size. You should be able to breathe in the waist cincher without discomfort. You also need to build up to wearing the waist cincher for longer hours once your abdomen and core adapts to the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher and gets stronger. You should get the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher that fits you well on the lightest "level" (widest hook level), but that also with time will mould your body to give you your best hour glass shape.

Q. Does this flatten your stomach?

A. One word – yes!

Q. Does this help with "back fat" too??

A. We did not design and develop the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher with this in mind. However, we are happy to hear from our customers that their back fat is also reducing! Please see a testimonial below!

“I have been using mine for a month now. I will say the back fat is decreasing. I believe it's a combination of sweating and how the garment is fitting around your back.” (Alisha J. C. · April 7, 2018)

Q. Will this weaken my muscles?

A. No, in fact we believe with the proper support that our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher provides - your core and back muscles will be strengthened. Our cincher provides carefully balanced flexible support along with muscle strengthening rigidity. This "teaches" your body the correct stance and posture for developing your posture into a healthy and strong form. Your body subsequently learns and your muscles develop memory that realigns your body into the correct posture once you take off our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher for the day.

Q. Will this pinch and hurt me?

A. No, unless you are choosing an incorrect size or are wearing the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher in a manner we don’t recommend. If you experience any pain or pinching, please take the waist cincher off and rest. It is important to note that we recommend easing into waist training as this is a form of exercise. Some discomfort can be expected as with any exercise and detox regime, however it should not amount to pain. It could be that you are wearing too small of a size or that your muscles and core is weak. If it is the former, please try upping a size or wear the waist trainer at a looser level of tightness. If your muscles are too sore, it may be that they are weak, but the soreness is a good sign that indicates your muscles are strengthening. In this case you can wear the cincher for shorter periods of time initially as you become more used to it and your core becomes stronger.

Q. Does this give an hourglass figure?

A. Yes, however, please do not expect the dramatic results immediately. Customers have reported that their figure has become more hourglass within a week of wearing the Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher daily.

Q. Does it make you skinny?

A. We surveyed our customers to find out. Some customers say no and some say yes. Our Tiny Waist Cincher Pincher is part of a healthy lifestyle routine. It does not directly make “skinny”, but rather healthy. Customers also report that their clothes fit nicer as their waist is of healthy size now.


Q. How is the material on the inside?

A. The material on the inside is very similar material to the material on the outside. It is soft and breathable allowing you to wear it throughout the day and during a work out.

Q. What does 3 alloy steel bones mean on waist trainer compared to others?

A. The 3 alloy steel bones are the structural supports that run vertically down the waist cincher. It allows for effective posture support and is more aggressive than the other waist trainers on the market in speeding up the results for achieving a smaller waist. The 3 alloy steel bones work in conjunction with the 3 levels of hooks providing for superior grip and effective results.


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